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Devious Theatre’s Trainspotting – Road to Nowhere

April 28, 2009

The next in our series of clips from Trainspotting is a big of a sing-song, of sorts. I say of sorts because to be honest, most people were probably too terrified of Niall Sheehy to actually join in. In this scene Begbie briefly speaks about the injustices of “real life”, appearing to Renton (Ross Costigan) as a sort of abstract, heroin-withdrawal apparition. Renton drags himself to his feet and does his best David Byrne impersonation.

Of note: In the original stage adaptation (which is set in the 90’s and not the 80’s) the song of choice was Chumbawamba – Tubthumping…. Yeah, I think you’ll find that setting the show in it’s original era was an infinitely better choice…

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Devious Theatre’s Trainspotting – Kicking the Habit & Tripping Through the Meadows

April 10, 2009

Devious Theatre’s Trainspotting – Kicking the Habit:

We close the curtain on Act 1 of Trainspotting with these two new clips from our show that ran last June in the Watergate Theatre.

Clip number one is of Mark Renton’s (Ross Costigan) attempt to finally kick his heroin addiction once and for all. Pip ‘Stephen’ Colfer also features as a foosty old cunt and multiple other roles. Before we hit the stage with the show, many people wondered would this scene remain intact in all it’s scatalogical glory. Those in the shit firing-line in the first two rows on all four nights probably wish we’d dropped the toilet scene entirely. Don’t worry folks, it was only a concoction of Snickers bars, honey and water! And diarrhoea.

Clip numero two is the final scene in Act 1 wherein Renton, Spud (Stephen Colfer) and Alison (Maria Murray) pop some pills and lep about to some Frank Zappa. I absolutely adore this scene due to how overtly insane it feels. I thought it was the perfect way to close an act: the highest of highs before we hit them with the lowest of lows. Kudos to all actors in this scene. Some damn fine merri-go-round miming out of ye!

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Devious Theatre’s Trainspotting – Tripping Through the Meadows:


Vultures at The Irish Blog Awards 2009

February 27, 2009

Vultures at The Irish Blog Awards 2009

I had previously mentioned that us folk at The Devious Theatre Company were up for a nomination at the Irish Blog Awards last weekend. Sadly, we did not take the prize home. That honour went to the Irish Times arts blog Pursued By A Bear. Congrats to you, oh blogger who is being followed by the number 1 threat to America. Ah well, there’s always next year, eh?

As part of the blog awards, the cast and crew of Vultures were asked to create a video to introduce the category of “Best Specialist Blog”. The short, one-off clip has Tennyson setting up a Vultures blog much to the confusion of McGrain and Vultour. Comedy ensues here or when you click the image above… We were thrilled to be invited to take part in the event and a big thanks goes to Darragh Doyle for getting us involved in the ceremony.

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Devious Theatre’s Trainspotting – Mother Superior

February 26, 2009

Following directly on from our previous installment of Devious Theatre’s Trainspotting is this incredible clip that introduces the character of the Mother Superior. The events that follow go from hilarious, to absurd, to deeply dark and tragic. As I mentioned before, this entire sequence was my favourite section of our show. Everyone on board put in such a solid effort. The inclusion of Massive Attack’s “Angel” broke away from our 80’s soundtrack but I honestly cannot image this scene without it. Featured in this scene are: Ross Costigan (Renton), John Morton (Sick Boy), Paul Young (Mother Superior), Stephen Colfer (Spud) and Maria Murray (Alison).

Devious Theatre’s Trainspotting – Welcome to Mother Superior’s:


Criterion Collection – Week 7

February 24, 2009

Criterion Collection - Week 7

14 DVDs and 7 weeks into my Criterion spree and there’s still a hell of a lot of choice! This could conceivably go on for a very long time before I’m left with double-dips and bad films. AND I’ve only just discovered Criterion’s Eclipse Series which has Kurosawa’s The Idiot as part of a boxset! That’s a definite one for further down the line methinks. Anyways, this week I was going to go for a double bill of Steven Soderbergh (Traffic and Schizopolis) but instead, I’ve decided to go for two films that I’m quite ashamed to say I’ve never seen before: In The Mood For Love and Brief Encounter. Yeah, I hear that they’re quite good…

In The Mood For Love (2000 Dir. Wong Kar-wai):

Brief Encounter (1945 Dir. David Lean):

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Devious Theatre gets Irish Blog Awards nod

February 18, 2009

Irish Blog Awards 2009

A couple of years back (2006 to be precise), us folk at The Devious Theatre Company began using the internet as a means of reaching as many potential punters as possible. We set up a MySpace and Bebo and most importantly: a website. The website acted as a blog of sorts, whereby myself and the rest of the Devious clan would update the curious on what our wee acting troupe was up to in small, sporadic bursts of text and images. The site itself (with the complimenting social networking sites) were the best means through which you could find what was going on and what would be upcoming in the future. It also abundantly helpful in keeping an archive of all our productions. Since then we have used the blogging capabilities of the site to update on all things Devious and indeed, all things arts and theatrical in our radii.

This coming Saturday 21st February, we’ll be up for an award at the Irish Blog Awards 2009 in the category of Best Arts Blog. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Ken will bring home some gold for us. And some tequila. Ken, for the love of God, stay away from the tequila!

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Devious Theatre’s Trainspotting – Choose Life

February 11, 2009

Presented here for your viewing pleasure is the fourth in a series of excerpts from our adaptation of Trainspotting. One of the most memorable monologues from the story sees Renton (played here by Ross Costigan) wax lyrical on modern society’s material dependencies and needs to strive toward a definable, “normal” lifestyle. Rent boy has other things on his agenda: namely scoring a fix with his blue haired chum, Sick Boy (John Morton). This entire sequence (along with the following Mother Superior scene) were my favourite sections of the show. Cast included in this scene are: Ross Costigan (Renton), John Morton (Sick Boy), Stephen Colfer (Plukey Faced Wee Hing Oot) & Paddy Dunne (Wee Radge)

Devious Theatre’s Trainspotting – Choose Life: