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Criterion Collection – Week 15

April 22, 2009

Criterion Collection - Week 15

Week number fifteen of the Criterion Challenge brings La Jetée/Sans Soleil (La Jetée being the basis upon which Terry Gilliam made 12 Monkeys) and Schizopolis, one of Soderbergh’s experimental movies he used to do before he decided to get lazy

Below is an embedded video of La Jetée in it’s entirety. Do give it a watch…

La Jetée/Sans Soleil (1962 Dir. Chris Marker):

Schizopolis (1996 Dir. Steven Soderbergh):

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galactus card will destroy you

April 14, 2009



Golden Fleece Awards – Mick Minogue

February 25, 2009

Golden Fleece Awards 2009

I’m a little delayed in getting around to this, but I’d like to congratulate my good friend Mick Minogue on being shortlisted for the Golden Fleece Award 2009. From the Golden Fleece website:

“The Golden Fleece Award is an artistic fund established as a charitable bequest by the late Helen Lillias Mitchell, who died in January 2000. She left this fund in place as part of her legacy to establish a generous annual award… The Golden Fleece Award aims to support and promote a wide range of artistic creativity, recognising excellence in painting, textiles and sculpture, glasswork, and all the traditional crafts. The Award was launched in 2001 and is now widely recognised as a distinctive stamp of creative support in the realm of Irish art.”

Myself and Michael have been chums for quite a time now and that scamp has limitless reserves of creativity. His illustration and textile work has been incredibly inspiring to me over the past few years and to see his work get recognised on a national scale is a joy to behold. The results are out on 10th of March so I do urge you to check out Mick’s wonderful portfolio of work (links are below). Best of luck Mick. The force will be with you…always.

Linkety Links:
Mick Minogue: Blog / Website
Golden Fleece Awards 2009: Website