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Vultures – Bonus Footage: Date Preparations

April 16, 2009

Episode 4 of Vultures dealt with dates: Poisoned ones. But not the ones you eat. The ones you go on. With a ladyfriend.

“The Case of the Poisoned Dates” hit the internet last January and in case you didn’t get enough of that story, here’s some bonus footage featuring two missing scenes and one extended take. In it, Vultour ineptly prepares for his faux-date with TY Work Experience girl, Janine Drew, whilst Dan McGrain nervously practices his introduction to Jane. Tennyson’s plans are less romantic as he plans a trip to the picturehouse. Hopefully this snippet will make up for the serious lack of Fred Bass and Spade in Episode 4. Enjoy!

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Vultures – Janine Drew in Development

February 28, 2009

Janine Drew Development

Above you will see a character sketch of Janine Drew that I did last year prior to the filming of Janine Drew – Work Experience (which acted as a teaser promo for episode 4). What’s great about having a website for our sitcom, is that there’s a place where all this extra material can be found. Otherwise, photos and backstories and sketches like this would remain in our heads or scrawled in the back of a notepad, never to be seen. It’s also a great opportunity to talk about how we go about developing a character from every aspect, be it costume, influences or approaching an actor. We have just added such an account to our Development section on the Vultures website for your perusal pleasure. We hope to add more in future, where we will discuss other characters and episodes, so keep an eye peeled.

Vultures is currently filming it’s fifth and sixth episodes back-to-back and will hit the interwebs soon. Episode 4 “The Case of the Poisoned Dates” can be found here as well as all previous episodes and extra materials…


Vultures – The Case of the Poisoned Dates is online now!

February 3, 2009


The latest thrilling installment of the adventures of Vulture Private Investigations has hit the internet! I HAD taken the liberty of attaching the episode to this very blog post, however WordPress has entirely spazzed out on me. Hmmm…. So to view the episode I would kindly ask you to visit our website as it not only contains this and all the previous episodes but also extensive photo galleries, character profiles and various other bits and bobs and odds and ends.

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Vultures – Episode 4 goes online Sunday!

January 28, 2009

The Case of the Poisoned Dates

I’m extremely proud and excited to say that this coming Sunday (1st February), episode 4 of our wee webcom (that means “web comedy”) will hit the interwebs! Above you will see the title card for the show that is an homage (ie. rip-off) of Saul Bass’ work. Ah, that man certainly knew how to do monochromatic, abstract poster design. We’re currently knee deep in the editing process, where Alan “Nat” Slattery is snipping away at the running time with a pair of digital scissors. The plot of the newest detective caper? See this:

“Our newest episode sees the arrival in the V.P.I. offices of a TY student on work experience. Played by Suzanne O’Brien, Janine Drew is brash, ambitious and what in social circles is known as a ‘chav.’ Her appointment coincides with a series of errant romantic entanglements that degenerate into a potential powder keg of social embarrassment, messy divorce cases and extreme violence.”

As if that wasn’t enough, the cast and crew of Vultures are currently in the thick of filming episode 5 (penultimate!) and episode 6 (ultimate!). Slaving away under hot lights, we’re striving to have the concluding parts of of the adventures of VPI online very soon. Stay tuned!

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